There are four core distinctions between Coaching and Counselling.

  1. Counsellors will work primarily on past events, and support you by helping you find solutions to a problem. In contrast, Coaching is all about what you want to have in your personal or professional lives today, and what you are creating in your future.
  2. Coaching is goal orientated and outcome focused. In addition, it requires the Coach to work closely with the client to identify precisely how past events, established programming (our habits and set patterns), and learning experiences have impacted the client’s lives in the present; and how it will continue to do so in the future.  By asking intelligent questions, challenging limited thinking, and nurturing the client’s strengths; the Coach can assist the client to break past out-dated and even un-helpful thinking. This helps the client create new and desired outcomes in any area of their life. On the other hand, counselling is less goal-focussed, and more problem-focused. The counsellor’s role is to help the client understand the roots of a problem, and then to help them resolve these deep-rooted issues.
  3. Counsellors typically address a single condition or issue in isolation, exploring causes and explanations. But the Coach takes a holistic approach, considering the larger picture of the client’s life. Coaching is interested in human behavioural patterns that may exhibit cross-contextually in all areas of the clients’ lives; and thus focuses on the mind, body, soul, and spirit equally to help the client achieve their desired results.  .
  4. Coaching is solely focused on the client’s conscious agenda as discussed before Coaching begins. Counselling can often take turns into unknown areas since it may unearth information that the client is not previously aware of. Thus, the counsellor may sometimes be in charge of the direction the investigation takes. The Coach’s role is to be 100% committed to the client’s chosen goals and paths by acting as a catalyst for the desired change.

The purpose of coaching is to empower you in all aspects of your personal and professional lives. With the integration of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis in coaching you can create profound and permanent change that is both – rapid and lasting. When are you taking this journey?

Nikki Grae and Evolved Wellness are dedicated to using the deep-reaching impact of NLP and Hypnosis; and combining it with the goal-focussed clarity of Coaching to make your preferred results come alive fast, and consistently. Although our physical locations are at Albury – Wodonga, Corowa, and Wangaratta; we strive to bring our skills to you at any location via e-mail, phone-calls, and video chatting.