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Nikki is phenomenal. My first session has had a profound effect. We didn’t even get to the Hypnosis! We were only talking which she later explained was actually ‘NLP’ therapy. I’ve seen many people practicing similarly but never have I experienced such a dramatic change! She’s an Angel with wings I’m sure !!! Amanda Murtagh



Achieving my Dreams

Working with Nikki as my coach has been an absolutely transformational experience. Within the space of an hour, Nikki’s profound insights and guidance helped me to let go of a deeply embedded, personal issue that had weighed down my self-confidence for more than 15 years. Her incredible warmth, empathy, and professionalism made me feel completely safe and understood, and allowed me to shift destructive patterns in my thinking that no longer served the purpose and vision that I now have for my life. As a result of my sessions with Nikki, I have been able to move towards this vision with a greater sense of pride and self-acceptance, and I now know that nothing but my own doubts can stand in the way of achieving my dreams. Thanks, Nikki – you are a legend! Dr. Lisa Curtis-Wendtland Melbourne Vic


Depression & Low Self-esteem

My experience with coaching & NLP has changed my life, thank you Nikki! Prior to my coaching sessions I had suffered serious depression, extremely low self-esteem that had been with me most of my life. I continued to self-sabotage with alcohol, food and repetitively attracted unhealthy relationships into my life.  The more I become emotionally depressed with my life and with who I was, the more I felt as though I needed to self-destructive even further with more of the same behaviours. I found myself in a place where every almost every aspect of my life felt polluted.

Through NLP Coaching I have changed how I see my life. I will always use the skills Nikki has shown me .This is a letter is of acknowledgement of her amazing skills but more important  appreciation of her passion to change people’s lives . I sincerely thank you for helping me love life again.  Lecia B. NSW

Career & Life Direction

Nikki Grae is an amazing coach, she possesses such a vast knowledge and understanding of human nature that it only takes her a few minutes to quickly get to the root of the problem. When I first went to see Nikki I was lost. I hated my job and had no clear direction of where I wanted to go. Both my work and personal life were suffering and I didn’t know what to do.

Nikki helped me reconnect with my deeply held values and showed me how to focus on where I wanted to go. She helped me push through numerous fears and mental blocks, and now I’m well on my way to my career as a real estate agent and loving every minute of it.

I would gladly recommend, and frequently do, people to go see Nikki if their after more direction and clarity in their life, want more effective ways to handle stress or anxiety, or how to understand their own feelings better.I will always be grateful to Nikki for her help. Luke E Vic

Work Life Balance

I have found Nikki to be easy to talk to, professional and extremely helpful. My work and life balance has been vastly improved in the short time I have known Nikki and through putting her excellent advice into practice. The way Nikki follows up on my progress and the feedback she gives is excellent which helps me keep on track. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their life, thank you Nikki. Peter  Vic


From Stress & Anxiety to Confidence

I went to see Nikki Grae recently when I was struggling with coming to terms with stress and anxiety linked to my redundancy at the age of 50, and the resulting change of career direction, job interviews and performance in a new workplace. I found Nikki to be very easy to talk to, but extremely perceptive when analysing the causes of my anxieties. Through her guidance, I was able to work out solutions for my problems, and understand how my thoughts were affecting my behaviour. She also gave me some great strategies for using my body language to project a confident appearance. I am now looking forward with confidence to the next stage of my life!  Teresa, Wodonga Vic



Rapid Results

Today I finished a series of 4 sessions with Nikki and in response to that I just wanted to write a review as thanks and acknowledgement.
I found the sessions fantastic and I am so glad I decided to grab the opportunity to complete them. Nikki was the most marvellous coach. From the first session she was able to engender trust in me to discuss quite personal life events-this is a definite skill! The sessions were underpinned by Nikki’s patience, warmth and support as she guided me through a process of masterful ‘question asking’. Her professional and personable approach was much appreciated and admired.
I have no doubt the work Nikki and I did together will impact in a positive and empowering way for me-I have already noticed the benefits over the last 3 weeks.
I have felt very lucky to have work with such a lovely and capable person. I thank you Nikki for this opportunity to ‘grow’ and develop in such a meaningful and helpful way.  Lousie. J Monash. Vic

Truly Life Changing

I began seeing Nikki some time ago now. The experience for me has been truly life changing and that is no exaggeration. She has been able to help me with so many different issues in my life. A short list includes – Learning to let go of the shame of criminal behavior I committed when I was a young man, which I have since learned from, thus helping me fully embrace the man I am working hard to become for the future. Learning how to have healthier relationships. I had put everything I had in me into doing my best as a newly married man and it was not working. I was exhausted and in a very dark place. With Nikki’s help I was able to understand what was happening, become clear on the roles both my wife and I were playing in contributing to the situation. Take responsibility for my beliefs and my behavior and to work to change things for the better. Ultimately that did lead to my decision to end our marriage, which was the right decision for me given my situation. Since then I have been happier, healthier, more confident, my self-esteem has returned and I am continuing to see Nikki as I move forward in life learning more about how to be the best version of me I can be, and having healthier relationships with anyone I meet in the future. She has helped me gain the confidence to start a new side business around a passion of mine which is going very well. She has helped me delve deeper into my other business, embracing the challenge of building something bigger than just myself and developing my leadership abilities for the future. There are loads more things she has helped with but there isn’t enough room here to write all of them. I would highly recommend Nikki’s help to anybody at all who wants to improve their own lives and take action to actually do so. Thank you Nikki I will always be so grateful for all of your help! 🙂 

 Jared Ellison. Vic