Stress, Anxiety, and their incapacitating symptoms can often pervade every aspect of our lives; impacting our quality of life and our professional success. It is becoming more and more common for people from all walks of life to be living with profound stress every day. This does not need to be the case.

Are stress and anxiety affecting your health and overall wellbeing? Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Taking work pressure home with you
  • Attempting to meet an impossible schedule with unrealistic expectations
  • Strained relationships
  • Feeling at a cross-roads, unsure of the direction to take
  • Craving balance in your life, without debilitating stress


Stress and anxiety can come from many sources (often unavoidable) and can affect different people in very different ways. This is why a unique program designed to meet the person’s particular needs is so important.

People who live with anxiety will often describe how feelings of fear, nervousness, or uncertainty keep them from experiencing the things they desire – such as happiness, success at work, a great relationship, or just enjoying time with friends and family. Stress and anxiety are natural human responses that could be triggered by actual challenges, or ones that we have learnt to anticipate. By themselves, they are actually healthy emotions that motivate us to resolve existing difficulties. It is when the brain over-does this response that it becomes a problem.

Our programs are meant to help you understand the sources of your stress and the roots of your anxiety. Further, they will assist you to re-condition your learned patterns of stress and anxiety, so that you can be more resourceful and in control of your life.


Evolve Wellness Stress and Anxiety Relief Program

We usually recommend a 3 to 6 session ‘Relief from Stress and Anxiety’ plan that is tailored to your own individual circumstances. We aspire to connect you with a calmer and more relaxed sense of being by focussing on the unique issues that trigger your stress and anxiety.

During this process, we will work on each aspect of your personal situation. We will explore any areas of your life that might trigger your stress and anxiety, and identify old habits that contribute to your stress. We will replace these with new patterns of behaviour that are more conducive to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Each session is personalised. This ensures that a program is created from information related to YOU – your history, your situation, and for your individual needs and preferences. This also means that no time is wasted focussing on boiler-plate issues that are not part of your reality. We help you by applying a toolkit that consists of NLP, Deep State Patterning/Time Line Therapies, Internal Voice Dialoguing, Meditation and Relaxation techniques, and of course Hypnotherapy (as per the assessed needs).


Our Hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, and relaxation programs can bring you immediate relief and help you to feel back in control.

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