What is a belief? It is something we are certain is true – about ourselves or about the world we live in. We all develop beliefs as we grow. The thing about these beliefs is that most of them live at the unconscious level, just outside of our conscious awareness.

Yet, they have a powerful impact on so many of our consciously taken decisions. Some beliefs support us; but others can destroy us. While the supporting beliefs lift us to great heights, the limiting ones only serve to keep us small and often unhappy.

What deeply settled beliefs do you harbour? Are they ones that support you; or are they holding you back, causing unnecessary pain, or stopping you from achieving success and happiness?

About a year ago now, I was speaking to a male friend who said that he wanted to have a committed and loving relationship. He is successful in many other areas of his life, but has never quite been able to hold a relationship. And here is why…. we discovered that his unconscious belief about relationships was that they equalled restriction!

Wow! Was he ever going to develop the loving, committed relationship he wanted while he continued to maintain that belief? The answer was of course, a massive NO!

But the great thing is that our beliefs can also be modified and replaced. Through belief change work my friend was able to shift his old unconscious belief to a totally different one that made committed relationships a source of happiness rather than of restriction.  With the help of his new belief system, he was able to achieve what he wanted in his life. In fact, he has now been in a relationship for 8 months, and is happier than he even imagined he could be…. No more running for him!

Belief change is one of the most powerful tools for creating long lasting transformations; and is one the primary keys to creating a satisfying and fulfilling life for yourself. Some of the tools used to create lasting belief change are – Time Line Therapy, NLP parts integration, Hypnotic Suggestion… and so many more.

To get what we want from life, we want to become belief hunters. We have to ask ourselves, “What is my unconscious belief around [whatever the issue may be]?”..  If your success is suffering, what are your beliefs around what you deserve or what you are capable of?  If it is money, what are you underlying beliefs around having and using money?  Does your belief limit what you can achieve? Do you believe you have to suffer? Or do you have beliefs that limit your health and well-being? For example, “Diabetes is in the family, I am bound to get it” or “I have big bones, my whole family is over-weight” are beliefs that can sabotage your journey to being healthy.

What you believe in at an unconscious level will determine what you will focus on. It will guide your actions and your choices around what you will or will not do.

My one-to-one coaching program takes you through the process of Beliefs Elicitation (or bringing the unconscious beliefs to the surface), and gets clear on what your values truly are. Thus, you can begin choosing the beliefs you want to hold – beliefs that are in line with who you really want to be. Take this step, and you will find yourself well on the way to achieve the goals that you hold dear.


Take care for now

 Nikki Grae
Evolve Wellness 
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy & Holistic NLP Life Coaching